A Day at the Beach, a Pinch at Dinner on Hong Kong’s Lamma Island

On a steamy but sunny Sunday in Hong Kong, I packed a swimsuit, an umbrella (to ward off rain) and a hotel hand towel, in the thoughtfully-provided nylon carry bag left in my room at the East Hotel and headed for the ferry to spend a day on Lamma Island. This is not just a place to go swimming, it is a hilly walk through fecund forests where every break in the trees yields another spectacular view of small, colorful structures tumbling down the hills and flag-bearing fishing boats bobbing on the water. Just twenty minutes across the water from super-bustling Hong Kong, it is the antithesis of Asia urban, a place where both cars and high rises are forbidden. My ferry docked at Yong Shu Wan on the north west side of the island and I set out, along with everyone else, for the footpath leading to the beach. Unlike everyone else, I turned right instead of…


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